Engineering, building and construction works present hazards, which graduate from minor first Aid Injuries to the danger of large scale Injuries and loss of life. The operation directly or indirectly also poses serious challenges to the health of the operators, the environment and the security of life and property of even clients, host communities and third parties.

The nature of our operations require our employees to undertake tasks, which, if not carried out under stringently applied safety and health procedures and regulations, can expose them to risks of serious dimensions. The employees and members of the host community have the right and privilege to know that MANSID (NIG.) LTD has their well being as its prime concern. Only under such circumstances can the association between the host community and employees, their company and client be mutually profitable and harmonious with our planned operations, the establishment of consistent policies and operating procedures, is imperative, if we are to assure uniformity and competence in carrying out HSE responsibilities.


Operating on the principle that it is the basic and committed responsibility of any management to create good community relationships, SAFE and HEALTHY working environment for the employee, MANSID Management totally accepts its legal and moral obligations, to safeguard all who work for her, including third parties. Local safety regulations, legislated or prescribed by local authorities, must be complied with, willful disregard, or otherwise of these regulations renders the offending employee liable to some punishment or total dismissal, as the company will not allow the well being of others or even of the offending employee himself to be jeopardized as a result of an employee’s action or omissions. The object of a good Safety practice is to encourage all employees to participate in creating a safe environment for themselves and their colleagues. Administration of HSE Programmes is carried out through Safety Officer under the direction of the site project management. Each programme must have as its fundamental objective, the prevention of accidents, and community disturbances and will therefore contain provisions for.

  • Identifying our responsibilities for HSE at work with respect to the employees and personnel not employed by the company but affected by our operations.
  • Describing our HSE organization and its responsibilities.
  • Establishing a system for periodic site HSE inspection.
  • Re-affirming HSE working practices.
  • Establishing a system of work analysis with a view to identifying safety hazards/risks.
  • Regular HSE meetings at or outside worksite.
  • Present MANSID policy on HSE at work to employees and others affected by our operations.